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The long days of summer are here, and many motorcyclists are hitting the street to enjoy the extra daylight riding time. As you begin to plan out your next motorcycle adventure, it may be time to think about ways to lower your motorcycle insurance premiums.

Here are some tips for lowering the cost of your motorcycle insurance.

Take A Training Course
Insurance companies know that better trained motorcyclists are less of a liability. Therefore, many insurance companies offer discounts for riders who take training courses and stay up to date with their training. Generally, taking a course every three to five years is suggested. Your local motorcycle association, your dealership, or your insurance professional can help you locate a reputable course.

Talk With Your Network
Your motorcycle association or riding club may make you eligible for discounts. For insurance companies, motorcyclists who want to ride in a group and learn from more experienced riders show a higher degree of responsibility. Due to this, they often offer group discounts to preferred organizations.

Keep Your Record Clean
Insurance companies offer better rates to “preferred operators,” or riders who have a perfect or nearly perfect driving record. Use extra caution when on the road. It will keep you safer and lower your insurance bills.

Bundle Your Policy
We live in a world of bundling. We bundle our cable, internet, and phone, so why not purchase your home, auto, and motorcycle insurance through one carrier? Grouping policies can help to save you money.

Tailor Your Policy
Speak with your insurance professional about your actual riding habits. Do you use your motorcycle as a major method of transportation, or do you simply take weekend cruises? Has your bike aged since the last time you looked at your policy? Perhaps you no longer need to carry comprehensive and collision coverage.

Be Insurance-Minded While Choosing Your Bike
Not all bikes are created equal in the minds of insurance companies. Some bikes are considered to carry a higher risk than others, including sport bikes and those with more powerful engines. Next time you buy, speak with your insurance professional before you make your final purchase.

Finding the Right Coverage For You

Insurance can be complicated. At BenefitSource, we specialize in evaluating your needs and working within your budget to get you the coverage that is best for you. Even more importantly, we make sure you understand your policy. Call us directly at (877) 215-5431 or email us to set up an appointment to discuss the best type of coverage for your motorcycle.

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