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Business owners face many potential risks when opening a business. Burglary is only one of them, but can be incredibly costly. Burglary is defined as entering into a building with the intent to commit a crime, especially theft. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, one burglary happened every 15 seconds in 2012, and the property losses amounted to an estimated $4.7 billion across the United States.

 5 Tips For Protecting Your Business

While investing in commercial property insurance is essential to protect the future of your business, owners can take additional steps to help deter burglars.

Keeping Your Business Under Lock and Key

The simple step of making sure your doors are locked can deter amateur thieves, and installing strong and complex locks can provide an additional layer of protection from more experienced criminals. Pin-cylinder locks are very difficult to pick, and deadbolts prevent burglars from sliding a piece of celluloid into the door’s edge to bypass the lock. Your locksmith can provide detailed advice for the best locks for your property.

 Additionally, business owners should track the keys distributed to employees. Each key should be marked with a “do not duplicate” engraving. This helps to ensure employees are being responsible with their keys.

Security Bars and Safety Glass 

Back entrances, windows, and skylights are often the preferred point of entry for thieves because they are commonly less visible to potential witnesses. If your property backs up to a secluded area, such as an alley, you may consider an additional layer of security.

Both security bars and safety glass can prevent burglars from breaking through normal glass to gain entry. Safety glass is a transparent layer of plastic encased between two pieces of glass. While it can eventually be breached, it takes a substantial amount of energy (and noise) to break through.

Sounding the Alarm

Alarms are a very effective way of protecting your business property, but some are better than others. Silent alarms can be the most effective because they alert an offsite security company or the police station of the breach without alerting the burglar that they have been caught. Alarms with audible onsite alerts will often deter the burglar from taking your property, but can increase the chances that the burglar will flee prior to the arrival of the police.

Shining the Light On Safety

Providing a significant amount of light around entry points, such as doors and windows, can be a powerful deterrent. Burglars are less likely to pick a lock when they are clearly visible. Installing floodlights outside your building and motion sensor lights inside can be an inexpensive form of protection.

Training Your Employees

Even with the most safety-savvy business owner at the helm, your business is at risk if your employees are not properly trained in your safety precautions. One unlocked bathroom window, unsecured bay door, or lost key could mean the difference between business as usual or police reports and insurance claims.

Protect Yourself With Commercial Property Insurance

Using top of the line security systems and implementing additional security practices can reduce your risk of burglary, but there is always a chance of something going wrong. Whether it is protection for theft, fire, or other disasters, your BenefitSource insurance professional will develop a comprehensive insurance plan that addresses all of your needs and risks. You can call us directly at (877) 215-5431 or email us for more information.

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